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    Standard&Tailormade Stainless Steel Solution

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    In 2020, China's crude steel output increased by 5.2% year on year, breaking the 1 billion tons mark for the first time
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        In 2020, China's stainless steel production will remain stable and output will continue to grow.
    In 2020, China produced 1.053 billion tons of crude steel, up 5.2% year on year, breaking the 1 billion ton mark for the first time, official data showed.
        In 2020, China's economy will continue to recover steadily in the face of the severe impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the severe and complex international situation, and the arduous domestic reform, development and stability tasks, providing a good external environment for the development of stainless steel.
        Stainless steel industry accurate judgment, careful planning, decisive action, efforts to overcome the impact of the epidemic production and operation, iron ore prices rose sharply, environmental pressure rise and other difficulties, the industry generally presents a relatively good running situation, to meet the downstream industry with steel demand, to achieve the positive growth of the national economy has made a prominent contribution.

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