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    Lloyd's Register Updates Rules for Offshore Units
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    01 September 2014

    Lloyd's Register has launched its new Rules for Offshore Units in one single document following an in-depth consultation with industry, to improve transparency and safety. This signals a move by the world's oldest classification and certification society to modernise the way rules and their guidance notes are presented to industry – and importantly, how they are used by designers and operators of offshore units.
    "Our aim has been to take Class a step forward by providing an easy-to-use rule set for our clients where content is straightforward to read, understand and apply”, said Richard Nott, VP of Operations for Lloyd's Register's Compliance Services business. The new rule set sees the amalgamation of Lloyd's Register's Rules for Mobile Offshore Units (MOU) and the Rules for Floating Offshore Installations at a Fixed Location (FOIFL). "In addition to the consolidation of the MOU and FOIFL Rules, we have introduced topics that are new to the Rule set and include new technical content on naval architecture, fire protection, high voltage electrical equipment, cryogenic spill and LNG offloading, among others."

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